Creating Beauty in Chapel with Grade 5-8 Classes

March 01, 2021

In chapel for last month's Beauty-Creating theme, the grade 5-8 students recreated Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Each student was responsible for one tile and could use whichever type of medium they liked. We took inspiration…Read more

Creation Enjoying Chapel

January 28, 2021

This week for chapel we were outside. Students created some beautiful, colourful snow sculptures in honour of our theme Creation Enjoying. Not only did we get to enjoy God's creation firsthand, we were reminded that since…Read more

Grade 5 & 6 Class Put Faith Into Action

December 09, 2020

Students in grades five and six studied the book of Esther in Bible during the first term of school. They learned about the Feast of Purim which is a celebration of God's faithfulness, deliverance, and protection. The…Read more

20/20 Refocusing

September 14, 2020
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