Grade 5 & 6 Class Put Faith Into Action

September 25, 2021

Students in grades five and six studied the book of Esther in Bible during the first term of school. They learned about the Feast of Purim which is a celebration of God's faithfulness, deliverance, and protection. The students learned about the 4 "mitzvoth" (commands) specific to the feast: reading the scroll of Esther, having a meal, sending food to friends, and giving gifts to the poor. They worked to complete each of these parts. They read the scroll of Esther and ate some bread which is something like "challah". Students helped at home to make dinner or a snack, and they also put their faith into action by collecting items to be donated to the less fortunate. Non-perishable food items were collected and sent to The Gathering Place via Hope Church. New packages of socks and underwear were purchased and were sent to The Clothing Centre which is operated by Community Clothing Assistance as part of their "Undercover" program.